Donations page not displaying properly in Firefox or Chrome

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at
Mon Feb 24 15:38:03 UTC 2014

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Hello, I would like to donate to SPI however the donations' payment
> processor page does not seem to display properly in Firefox or Chrome.
> Perhaps this is an IE-only webpage?
> Enter a donation amount and go to checkout. Note the empty Terms &
> Conditions section (a black div in the source) and other display
> errors. Please resolve the issues with the payment processor so that I
> could donate with confidence that I'm not being scammed.

We're experiencing multiple issues with Click & Pledge and are actively
looking for a new primary payment processor.  In the meantime, you may
have better luck with our alternate payment processor:

Apologies with the issues you're experiencing with Click & Pledge.

Michael Schultheiss
Treasuer, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc at

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