Donations page not displaying properly in Firefox or Chrome

MJ Ray mjr at
Mon Feb 24 13:05:10 UTC 2014

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Hello, I would like to donate to SPI however the donations' payment
> processor page does not seem to display properly in Firefox or Chrome.
> Perhaps this is an IE-only webpage?
> Enter a donation amount and go to checkout. Note the empty Terms &
> Conditions section (a black div in the source) and other display
> errors. Please resolve the issues with the payment processor so that I
> could donate with confidence that I'm not being scammed.

Accessing the address you give directly doesn't work, but following the
link from looks like it would work,
although it has the display errors that you mention.  You do have to
accept scripts and a lot of cookies, though.

I suspect we need someone with the SPI clickandpledge login details to
update the display settings there.

Hope that informs,
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