SPI Ticketting system

Robert Brockway robert at spi-inc.org
Tue Apr 10 04:24:18 UTC 2012

Hi all.  There was a discussion recently on #SPI about using a tracking 
system to help SPI keep track of tasks.

The general concensus during the discussion was that Request Tracker (RT) 
was the preferred option as several of the people present (mostly board 
members) have quite a bit of experience with RT.

I'd certainly like us to go forward with this as soon as possible.

As well as assisting with tracking tasks it could help us set & monitor 

Jonathan, please put "Discussion of tracking system" on the agenda for the 
April 12/13 board meeting.  This will be a good opportunity to get the 
board talking about it.  I'd hope we get a general concensus and decision 
to implement.



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