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Alvaro Luna Bautista alvarolunab at
Sun Apr 8 19:09:45 UTC 2012

Hi there

I am the liason of the YafaRay project. In the past we asked the board whether we could sell training and educative material under the umbrella of SPI, since donations does not work that great for us. In light of the advice you got from your legal advisors about performing such activities, and given the fact that we are on track about finishing such educative stuff, we would like to ask the board again whether such activities could be launched under SPI protection, and what should be the desired framework.

We are going to finish a book into spanish in PDF format (10 MG) and a training DVD-ISO file with scenes and texts in PDF format (3 GB). We are not going to sell physical items, just digital books and DVD-ISO files. Every item will be released under a creative commons license, following Blender Foundation model.

We look forward to the board answer on these regards. Greetings.

Alvaro Luna Bautista
The YafaRay Project
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