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Joerg Jaspert joerg at
Sun Oct 31 16:09:51 UTC 2010


there have been some changes on SPI machines in the last days, and I
thought I should tell more people about it, someone out there may be
interested in this. :)

You can find - a gitweb representation of
some git repositories run by SPI.

The first repository to note is board.git, which is intended to grow
into a place where board members (and project associates) put files
related to the SPI workings that don't fit elsewhere. You will see that
there is a projects/ subdir, every SPI project *can* store SPI<->project
related data there and the project advisor can write into their
project's own subdir, not elsewhere.

Right now you can only find the SPI letterhead we use as a template for
new letters as well as one letter send on behalf of Debian there, but
hey, we just started it.

As you might have heard in various places already, we want to go away
From our old Plone install and use something else. While the plans for
this aren't entirely new, we finally got movement into it, thanks to
Bdale and Jonathan. So the website.git is the second repository you can
find there.

Currently the repository is limited to board members and a group
"webteam" to write. The latter can take non-board people, just currently
there are none. Read access is again open for the whole world.

Should you be interested in write access get in contact with
webmaster at - but you probably want to do that after you
provided some patches they accepted already. Better is if they plead you
to join the group so they can stop merging from you. :)

(There is still a lot missing from the old page. Get in contact with
 webmaster@ or online in #spi (if one happens to be around there) to
 find out how/if you can help converting.)

And finally you can also find something named puppet.git there. This is
what we SPI admins use to configure our machines with. Well, it is in
development, I just started with it, there are still large chunks of
setup to be made part of puppet, but it is already in use, and I intend
to have as much as possible done via puppet.

Note that we are far from being puppet experts, we usually just hit it,
make faces or throw bombs and stones at it until it agrees to do what we
want from it, but we give no guarantee for the sanity of what we have
there. Still, should you be enough out of your mind to take a look and
see something that can be done better, I am always happy to merge
changes in. In the same way as above with the webteam, this might be
your start of getting into the SPI admin team. :)

bye, Joerg
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