Resolution 2010-10-11.jmd.1: Recognition of sidux name change

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Tue Oct 12 04:27:30 UTC 2010

I hereby propose this resolution for the October meeting.

Resolution 2010-10-11.jmd.1: Recognition of sidux name change


 1. sidux is an existing associated SPI project (as per 2009-11-27.jmd.2)

 2. sidux has parted ways with sidux e.V. and as a result renamed the
    project to aptosid to avoid issues over the sidux name.

 3. The aptosid development team remains unchanged from sidux and the
    sidux website indicates that the renaming has taken place.


 3. SPI recognises the name change of the sidux project from aptosid
    and will update its records accordingly.

 4. Ferdinand Thommes continues to be recognised as the current
    authoritative decision maker and SPI liaison for aptosid. In the event
    of the liaison becoming unavailable Trevor Walkley will act as temporary
    liaison and notify SPI of any replacement liaison.


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