Multi-winner Condorcet, vs STV

Alvaro Herrera alvherre at
Mon Dec 14 14:51:54 UTC 2009

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Markus Schulze writes ("Re: Multi-winner Condorcet, vs STV"):
> > in my opinion, the Schulze STV method is
> > the best multi-winner election method:
> Thanks for pointing us to that.  Interesting reading.
> I wouldn't support such a thing for a public governmental election,
> because of the need for computer involvement.  Public elections should
> be done with simple and readily verifiable processes - ie, pencil and
> paper.

This is nonsense.  As far as I can tell, in the method Markus proposes
ballots can be cast with just pencil and paper -- which is the important
part on which pencil and paper should be used.  The result counting part
is going to involve computers *anyway*, but since the input data (filled
ballots) is available and verifiable, this is not a problem because
different parties can have their own software.

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