Multi-winner Condorcet, vs STV

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Mon Dec 14 13:19:13 UTC 2009

Markus Schulze writes ("Re: Multi-winner Condorcet, vs STV"):
> in my opinion, the Schulze STV method is
> the best multi-winner election method:

Thanks for pointing us to that.  Interesting reading.

I wouldn't support such a thing for a public governmental election,
because of the need for computer involvement.  Public elections should
be done with simple and readily verifiable processes - ie, pencil and

However I like the approach and I think it would work well for SPI.
It would certainly be better than the current system.  I would be
happy to see Schulze STV adopted for SPI board elections.

> The Schulze STV method is very complicated because I try to create a
> multi-winner election method that minimizes all known strategic
> problems simultaneously.


Is there any software which implements this method already ?  I would
be happy to write some.  Is there a standard format for STV preference
ballot input data ?


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