Final Call for Votes and extra Voting Information - 2008 SPI board elections

Neil McGovern neilm at
Wed Jul 23 22:35:36 UTC 2008

This is the final call for votes for the 2008 SPI board elections.

There have been (at time of writing) 39 total unique votes cast, which
is 9.65346534653% of all possible votes.

If you have not rated all candidates, it is important you check this
information to ensure your vote reflects your views.

In summary:
- Not rating a candidate at all does NOT mean that they are automatically
  ranked below other candidates.
- Additionally, a vote for ONE candidate is equivalent to an empty vote.

Read below for further details, and for information on how to vote in

Voting preferences
Your preference will best be shown when you specify *all candidates*, in
order of preference (i.e. "XYZWTUV", X being the most preferred). Voting
"XY" states that you prefer candidate X to Y. 

          * However, it does not express any preference    *
          * relationships for any of the other candidates. *

Namely, in an election of ABC, a vote of AB would mean you are happy
with a final result of:
- A>B>C
- C>A>B
- A>C>B

Voting details
Voting is only open to contributing members. 

To vote, please go to: 
Select the 2008 board election, and cast your ballot.
You can change your ballot as many times as you want until the close of
voting at 2008-07-28 23:59:59 UTC. Vote early, vote often! 
For full information about this election, including the names and
platforms of the candidates and other related information, please see:
Results will be announced before the end of July 30th.
Neil McGovern
Secretary, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
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