Audit for 2021

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Wed May 4 05:04:14 UTC 2022

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm at> [2022-03-14 19:10]:
> The SPI board will get an external audit of the 2021 financial
> statements done (as in previous years).  This will be done by
> Gary Eisenkraft CPA and staff.

I delivered the audit pack to Gary's team on Monday (as agreed).

As part of the preparation for the 2021 audit, I fixed a number of
pending issues for 2021.  I also reviewed all transactions and fixed a
number of minor issues; see the changelog below.

I've updated the reports on the web site but they are still a *draft*
until the audit has concluded.  We hope this to be in time for the AGM
in July.


* Add two invoices which were submitted to SPI in 2022 but which should be accrued in 2021.

* Accrue expense for 2021 audit.

* Fix one case where dividends were allocated fully to SPI rather than SPI and Debian in proportion of ownership. (This was a known issue flagged as to be resolved later.)

* Show securities at fair market value (FMV) instead of cost.

* Create a receivable for IT hardware where the vendor charged too much.  Update depreciation accordingly.

* Include a $10 donation that got lost in the cash->accruals migration.

* Fix issue that bank fees and currency exchange differences weren't shown (affecting payments in December 2021).

* Remove an accrued expense that was rejected by the SPI board.

* Fix one misclassification of a payment as a donation (for OpenZFS).

* Fix the exchange rate of one expense.

* Split one expense into expense and currency gain.

* Add a small donation that came in late.

* Add a missing donation (it was actually in the books but not reported due to a bug).

Martin Michlmayr
Contractor, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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