Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Sat Mar 27 17:11:26 UTC 2021

I am sorry to inform you that the spi-general mailing list has visibly 
been unreachable, for at least 40 hours. I personally sent a mail to 
spi-general at titled "Issue #16: Vague contact 
information for Open Voting Foundation associated project" on 
2021-03-25. Yet, the latest mail to have gone through spi-general is 
Martin Michlmayr's message from 2021-01-21 07:37:03 UTC:

As a subscriber, I must confirm that this is not simply a problem with 
the archives./

Since spi-general was SPI's only transparent channel, thanks for 
acknowledging reception of this mail by replying to all addressees./

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Philippe Cloutier

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