Issue #14 - No way for donators to be credited

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Mon Jul 2 14:54:19 UTC 2018 explains that "the identities of donors are kept confidential to SPI, and only disclosed to members of SPI". This is great for donors who want confidentiality, but I imagine this wastes an incentive to donate. At the very least we should list donating corporations who do not require confidentiality, and ideally list individuals too. When a donation is made, the donor should be asked whether it wants the donation to be public, and perhaps what other data can be disclosed (the amount, an email address, perhaps a website URL).

There could be a page listing donators, starting with those who gave the most. However this would require a somewhat reliable way to associate multiple donations from the same person to a unique identity. One way this could be made is by asking for a SPI member number (but I am unsure that such a number exists). So perhaps listing donating members should be a first step.

Collecting such data may enable SPI to publish statistics on donators (which proportion comes from organizations, which from individuals, how many entities give, etc.). SPI might already have such data, but I am not aware of it.

Philippe Cloutier

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