Issue #12 - Donations page has most contents of "Donations via PayPal" in the wrong section

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Mon Jul 2 00:25:52 UTC 2018

About half of the content of is in a level 3 section titled "Donations via PayPal". But only the first 2 paragraphs of that section actually relate to PayPal. The rest is in the proper level 2 section, but should not be in that subsection.

One solution would be to move the level 3 section to the end of the level 2 section, moving all content currently mistakenly in the level 3 section directly in the level 2 section. But it may be intentional that the PayPal information is close to the Click & Pledge information. A possibility to keep that feature would be to move the Click & Pledge part to the end too. But I suspect that both PayPal and Click & Pledge bits were inserted early to give them prominence.

Philippe Cloutier

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