Unofficial SPI Issue Tracking System (Re: Issue #0 - No general-purpose issue tracking system)

Filipus Klutiero chealer at
Mon Jan 1 20:37:16 UTC 2018


On 2016-07-30 10:55, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> According to Joshua D. Drake, SPI has an issue tracking system for reimbursements, but not for other issues (see ). If there is already a genera-purpose ITS, this is indeed far from obvious.
> Therefore, in the absence of such a tracker, I am using this email to officially request SPI to put in place an issue tracker for all issues, or for issues which are not already covered by a dedicated tracker.
> Unfortunately, the one ITS engine I liked using is Atlassian JIRA, which is not free software. I have been unsatisfied with all open source engines I used. I have no strong opinion on which engine should be picked. Obviously, having a web interface would be extremely important, particularly one which is not read-only, though email notifications are very useful.

Since I wrote this, one of my projects started using Redmine. I did not use it much and left that project several months ago, so I cannot recommend it with all my weight, but my memory indicates a good impression. Redmine is implemented in Ruby and a recent version is distributed in the stable and unstable suites of our associated project Debian (though not in testing, due to a serious bug reported 2017-11-14). I think it should be considered.

Pending the creation of a proper general-purpose issue tracking system, I have created an unofficial and fully manual tracker at
It is a simple wiki page ediable by all, which currently links to reports made via mailing lists.

By the way, I recommend to require report submitters to agree to licence their reports under a free licence (probably Creative Commons), and to confirm that any content in their report not created by them can be redistributed, so that cloning the ITS is not an issue.

Filipus Klutiero

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