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On 2018-02-16 11:42, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Filipus Klutiero <chealer at> [2018-02-13 07:09]:
>> This leaves a huge question: who can consult the tracker? Can anyone
>> who is not a director consult any ticket?  And is the answer to that
>> available publically?
> The board and certain volunteers and contractors (e.g. those dealing
> with reimbursement requests) have access.  It's not open because it
> contains a lot of sensitive information (receipts, bank information,
> etc).  Potentially some RT queues could be opened up for public view.

Thank you

> Anyway, since the system wasn't documented properly, I've now added a
> page and linked to it from various pages on the web site:

Thank you very much. I would replace "you can open a new ticket by sending an email to the following address at the || domain" with "you can open a new ticket by sending an email to *one of the following addresses* at the || domain".

Also, it would be important to either link to RT documentation explaining how it works, or to explain:
1. The format of mails. If Subject corresponds to ticket title and the body directly corresponds to ticket description, just stating that would clarify.
2. How to obtain a ticket identifier, or if that is not possible, a confirmation that a ticket was opened.

Filipus Klutiero

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