Final proposed Board resolution for Board elections voting system

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Wed Mar 8 22:23:20 UTC 2017

Josh berkus writes ("Re: Final proposed Board resolution for Board elections voting system"):
> > 
> > 1. SPI should elect its Board using a roughly-proportional voting
> >    system.  Condorcet is good for single-winner elections but is
> >    seriously lacking in proportionality in multi-winner elections such
> >    as SPI's Board Elections.
> Please cut this paragraph and replace.  As written, the paragraph is a
> source of argument over factors which have little or nothing to do with
> actually replacing the voting system.  Frankly, it reads like a partisan
> vendetta against concordet.  I suggest instead:
> 1. SPI's concordet voting system is unique to our organization and
>    has had several issues over the years.

How about

  1. SPI's voting system for Board elections is unique to our
     organisation and has several problems; notably, a lack of


I obviously don't have a vendetta against Condorcet.  I like Condorcet
(the single-winner system); indeed it was me that wrote it into the
Debian constitution.  I do have a vendetta against SPI's
accidentally-invented and horribly broken multi-Condorcet thing, but I
guess it doesn't need to be in the resolution in quite such strong

It was a mistake of me in my previous draft to describe our system as
"Condorcet", because it's not really.

The lack of proportionality is its worst known bug.


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