Issue #4 - Make membership (more) public

Filipus Klutiero chealer at
Sat Sep 10 17:12:36 UTC 2016

Following the resolution of issue #1 "Allow public access to membership statistics", anyone may now see statistics on SPI membership thanks to the 4 general metrics visible on

Nevertheless, SPI's membership remains mostly private. It is not possible to tell whether someone is a member, to even confirm that a member is a member, to tell what kind of persons applicants and members are, or to tell which applications were rejected. Even members may only see their own applications.

I request to make membership public or more public. I do not see what part of the information currently stored in applications could be private, so I think applications should be made public by default, but at a minimum, it should be possible for one to make its own applications public.

Our associated project Debian already uses a web application which makes its membership a lot more public than SPI's, which can be seen at
This application is implemented in Python and licensed under the GNU AGPL:
The membership requirements of Debian and SPI are different, but I do not see SPI requirements which Debian does not have.

Making applications public would:

 1. make it much easier for potential members to evaluate whether applying is worth it.
 2. provide the data necessary for members to take enlightened decisions about whether they should start evaluating applications or review the membership process
 3. provide credit to application managers
 4. easy identifying possible bugs in the application process

Filipus Klutiero

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