Do we know the status of our officers?

Joshua D. Drake jd at
Wed Dec 28 16:02:28 UTC 2016


Has anyone heard from our Treasurer? In the other thread I started about 
on "Very long way for funds transfer", I noted the lack of communication 
from the board on the issue. Our President responded after the thread 
has been continuing for 5 days (11/20) but no resolution to that thread 
ever occurred.

I am concerned for another reason. I sit in the #spi channel 24x7 and of 
course for reference purposes, I log that channel. I will grant that my 
logs may not be 100% (due to random disconnects etc..) but from what I 
can tell our Treasurer hasn't been heard from in some time.

The last communication I have from him in channel (outside of standard 
connects/disconnects) was from November 15th 2016.

"""<font color="#A82F2F"><font 
size="2">(07:23:37 AM)</font> <b>zobel:</b></font> schultmc: no, i did 
directly. i handed the new invoice directly to feivel<br/><font color="#A82F2F"><font 
size="2">(11:43:32 AM)</font> <b>schultmc:</b></font> zobel: ok, thank 

That was some time ago and would explain why we haven't seen any funds 
transfers. Does anyone know anything? Can we get some communication on 
this matter?



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