Issue #2 - Allow contributions to website from browser

Filipus Klutiero chealer at
Sun Aug 14 15:05:22 UTC 2016

The way one can contribute to SPI's website is explained on :

> This website is managed using ikiwiki+git. You can view the revision history via gitweb <> and send any updates, either as a git pull request or a patch, to webmaster at <mailto:webmaster at>.

Contributions would be much more appealing if there was a more intuitive way to modify, in particular for casual contributors. The web interface provided by a wiki or web content management system would provide such an appeal. This is a wide request which does not demand any particular wiki or CMS. Such a system could replace the current website or supplement it, consisting only of new pages.

Wikis often use an engine-specific markup language to store page contents. One wiki engine which does that and whose language already benefits from an important diffusion among potential contributors is MediaWiki. MediaWiki allows contributors to propose a new version of a page which then needs to be approved before publication, but only with the FlaggedRevs extension. MediaWiki is unfortunately not in Debian testing currently. Drupal is another option, which is in Debian testing.

This does not request any specific authorizations. Pages could use the soft security of open wikis, be only editable by SPI members, require approval by a team, or a mix of all of these policies depending on the topic.

Filipus Klutiero

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