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Josh Berkus josh at
Fri Feb 7 01:22:50 UTC 2014

On 02/06/2014 04:57 PM, Janet Swisher wrote:
> FLOSS Manuals is incorporated as a Stichting in the Netherlands, and we are
> interested in associating with SPI in order to more easily receive
> donations from US donors, and offer those donors the benefit of tax
> deductibility.

+1 on FLOSS Manuals as an associated project.  I vouch for them as
substantial and significant.  And I know Janet.

Janet, we'll need the information on this page:

You can send that information to any SPI Board Member.

Having your members join as Contributing Members to SPI is recommended
just so you can participate in Board elections.  However, it is not a

One other thing you should think about is that money collected in the US
*cannot* be transferred to the Stichting.  Instead, you will need to
spend that money on direct documented expenses (which can be incurred in
the Netherlands, the USA, or whereever).

--Josh Berkus
  Assistant Treasurer, SPI

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