mailing list hosting for SPI projects [ #309]

Robert Brockway robert at
Fri Nov 22 04:18:43 UTC 2013

On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> We (OBF) run a number of mailing lists 
> (, on a server that's long 
> overdue to be decommissioned. We've been meaning to migrate off of it 
> for a while.
> Is hosting of mailing lists (mailman specifically, or other list 
> software that can import from mailman) a service that SPI provides for 
> associated projects? If so, how do I go about requesting/initiating 
> that?

Hi Hilmar.  I think you did just request it ;)

I'm not aware of any cases of SPI having provided lists in the past.

I'd be happy to see SPI offer a service like that as long as it is 
practical for us to do so.  I will defer to our sysadmin team on that.

Could you provide some data:

(1) An estimate of the number of lists?  The link above showed around 50 
lists but you might have hidden lists.

(2) The total volume of messages that would pass through the lists per 
day?  It doesn't have to be an exact figure.

As an individual director I cannot speak for SPI, so this is just a 
personal opinion.  Only the board or certain officers can do that.



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