Forms 990 and 1023 for SPI

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at
Thu Feb 9 16:05:45 UTC 2012

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I've been reading the 2010 form 990 for SPI (from guidestar) and
> noticed that you claim that your forms (990, 1023, etc) are available
> on the SPI web site.  Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they
> aren't.  Could you consider creating a page under
> with those forms?

I'll get them posted to the website.

> While searching on the SPI web site, I found an IRC log from 2008
> indicating that someone requested the 1023 and that Michael
> Schultheiss was going to request a copy from the IRS.

I requested a copy of our 1023 and the IRS stated they were unable to
locate it with the information provided.  I'll contact them again in
case the information provided was incorrect.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc at

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