Agenda item for February SPI board meeting

Jonathan McDowell noodles at
Sun Feb 5 18:05:42 UTC 2012

On Sun, Feb 05, 2012 at 11:56:09AM +1000, Robert Brockway wrote:
> Jonathan, please add the item "Discussion of back office support" to
> the February meeting agenda.  I believe this should fall within
> general business but don't mind if you put it in another category.
> My intention here is for the board to discuss this topic, not to
> make any firm decisions during this board meeting.

I have added this, but the previous approach has been that such
discussion should take place on the lists beforehand, rather than a new,
free ranging discussion being begun at the meeting itself.

My main concern is that we lack definition of "back office support".
What tasks do we expect this new resource to carry out? You say:

> I envision that this office assistant would report to the Secretary and
> principally provide support for the Secretary and Treasurer.

but I haven't seen anything from Michael stating areas he would like
help with, nor have I encountered any areas myself that I think would be
greatly aided by another pair of hands.

I'm not saying this because I'm against the idea, I just think that we'd
need to have at least a rough set of defined tasks that we think are
pain points now (or will become so as we grow) that help would be useful


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