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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sun Apr 15 11:32:25 UTC 2012

josh at postgresql.org
> Quoting Adam Sampson <ats at offog.org>:
> > My hack for this was even more horrible:
> >   http://offog.org/darcs/misccode/rt-to-trac
> Guys: please don't let the perfect be the enemy of getting anything  
> done.  Currently we don't have a ticket tracking system *at all*.   

Look, it was a legitimate question and something that I felt the
board should include in their decision-making.  I'm not suggesting
that you don't make a decision!

It also seems to be that no-one in this discussion knows of anything
that's notably better, so everything sucks and this point seems to be
sort of a no-op.  Oh well!

It looks to me like the biggest thing that could have hindered the
decision being made was that josh didn't show up for the meeting where
this was on the agenda and didn't even send apologies.  Happily,
enough other board members attended to make quorum.

> Regardless of the system we adopt, it will be better (and easier to  
> migrate) than the assorted email boxes of various board members. [...]

That sounds a lot like "We must do something! This is something,
therefore we must do this!" which is silly and dangerous.  At least
email boxes have standards (too many, but still), so it is possible
to make things worse by adopting a bad system.

But I agree that RT seems a fair decision in this situation and wish
SPI well with it.

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