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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Fri Apr 13 15:27:44 UTC 2012

josh at postgresql.org
> MJ,
> > I'm interested to hear how SPI will migrate away from RT if/when
> > the time comes.  Any outline?
> >
> > I ask because I've done some migrations in and out and out seems
> > to be the more difficult one.
> Run it on Postgres.  Since PostgreSQL is an Affliliated project, you  
> can then count on having someone to do a direct database extraction,  
> if required.

I do run it on postgresql whenever I can (I really believe in SPI's
affiliated projects, you see). There's still something like 25 tables
to extract from and I seem to recall that the foreign key
relationships (such as a transaction to its creator) are not explicit,
probably because it also runs on databases that don't handle foreign
keys so well.  Have you tried one?

I think some RT users are basically stuck in it so I'd like the board
to consider how SPI will move on if/when the time comes.  I always
tell people to think about the exit routes with most software, whether
proprietary or FOSS.

The exit route from RT that I've used in the past was basically
dumping the live tickets to text and reparsing that.  It's not great.
I don't remember if I used rt2mbox or a script that hammered the rt

I've seen something similar done when a project moved from bugzilla,
so it may be that few bug trackers do better.  I've used a lot but
not migrated between that many combinations of them so I don't have
a good overview.  Hopefully there are smarter people than me reading
this, else we're all doomed! ;-)

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