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Robert Brockway robert at spi-inc.org
Wed Apr 11 11:25:03 UTC 2012

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012, MJ Ray wrote:

> josh at postgresql.org
>>> Strongly suggest redmine....
>> Redmine was discussed.  However, SPI has existing expertise in the IT
>> team in deploying and maintaining RT.  And SPI doesn't need Redmine's
>> non-tracker features.
> I'm interested to hear how SPI will migrate away from RT if/when
> the time comes.  Any outline?

I don't believe any options have been considered.

I've run quite a few RT instances over the last 12 years or so at 
different organisations.  They've all been very long lived.  The only time 
I've retired an RT instance it was left running on a virtual box for 
reference and no attempt was made to migrate the data.



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