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Louis Suárez-Potts luispo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 10:15:24 UTC 2010

I suggest a merge.

Brief and mobile

- louis

On 2010-11-12, at 2:41, Joerg Jaspert <joerg at ganneff.de> wrote:

> Heyho,
> we currently have the following lists for SPI up and running:
>         Spi-announce - Software in the Public Interest announcements
>            Spi-board - SPI board
>           Spi-bylaws - By-laws revision committee discussions
>          Spi-general - General discussions related to Software in the Public Interest
>          Spi-private - Discussions for SPI members
>         Spi-projects - Projects of SPI
>        Spi-trademark - trademark committee discussions
>              Spi-www - SPI web-server related discussions
> From those the -www and -bylaws look unused:
> -bylaws:    Last mail 6th April 2009, spam, regular mail asking if the
>             list is alive in 2007 and the answer pointed to -general
> -www:       Last regular mail in October, someone wanting to work in
>             Plone, before that it was November 2009, someone not
>             remembering to be on list, before that December 2008
> spi-projects also seems to be a "treasurer announces his report there"
> only list, but that could be seen as good for the liasions who don't want
> much more. Or so.
> Anyways, the question at hand, while moving the list server, is: Do we
> want to keep this lists? Or want to close them and "merge" the topic back
> into spi-general/private? If there ever happens to be significant
> traffic on one topic again, we can always reopen a list, but for now
> they seem to be just work without no gain (keeping the moderation queues
> low, all of our lists attract quite a lot of spam, which we luckily
> can filter, but its work to do).
> spi-www - Meant for the SPI website, it had CVS commits in the
>          past. Since Plone got in use that isnt true anymore. We
>          *could* start this again, but then I would more think of a
>          general -commits list that gets all of our git repositories
>          commits mailed. Besides that, discussion about website - seems
>          to be on IRC and could easily go to -general. Its not that
>          much, really.
> spi-bylaws - Yeah sure, someone really needs to update them. We say that
>             as long as I know SPI. I don't see it happen on this list,
>             I think -general works.
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> bye, Joerg
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