Code of Conduct at events

David Graham cdlu at
Thu Nov 11 17:32:20 UTC 2010

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman writes ("Re: Code of Conduct at events"):
>> On 11/11/10 17:57 , Ian Jackson wrote:
>>> I _am_ suggesting that if the conference organisers receive a
>>> complaint that Bob seriously sexually assaulted Alice, they should
>>> investigate.  If on investigation they are sufficiently convinced that
>>> it's true, they should eject Bob.
>> I think many of us disagree here: if such a serious accusation is made
>> it should be investigated by professionals, ie the policy.
> So if someone was at the conference and the organisers were convinced
> that they were stealing laptops, the organisers would just call the
> police and if the police don't arrest the culprit and imprison them
> right away, they would allow the thief to continue ?

It should be noted that in most cases conferences take place on private 
property and the organiser and venue both retain the right to eject people 
at their sole discretion. What you're asking for is parameters for that 
discretion to replace the existing standard of reasonable necessity.

It isn't that organisers cannot already remove such people, you'd just 
like to make sure that they know they can?


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