Code of Conduct at events

MJ Ray mjr at
Wed Nov 10 21:10:25 UTC 2010

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Adrian Bunk writes ("Re: Code of Conduct at events"):
> > Public denouncing of non-convicted people is a violation of Human 
> > Rights.
> Nonsense.

It depends exactly what the denouncement is, I think.

> > I'd expect a code of conduct to also disallow publically accusing other 
> > people of crimes.
> Ridiculous.

Well, yes, as if the accusation isn't public to some degree, then there
wouldn't be fair process, which would also violate some human right.

I think a code of conduct is a good idea, but I'm not sure if there's
too much emphasis on one particular type of misbehaviour for free and
open source software projects.  I think some SPI projects have had
other sorts of problems at events too: could SPI poll the liaisons,

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