[Spi-private] Git repositories, website, puppet

Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Wed Nov 3 08:13:45 UTC 2010

>> Right now you can only find the SPI letterhead we use as a template for
>> new letters as well as one letter send on behalf of Debian there, but
>> hey, we just started it.
> Kudos!  I'd expect this to be a splendid place to put documents that
> are to be public, including constitutional materials, resolutions,
> minutes, and such.


They are on the website. This is for stuff that has no good place there.

> The first repo is never, in any fashion, visible to the world.  The
> second periodically gets "git pushed" over to my web hosting provider
> to indicate the new form of the site.

> An important thing is to be clear on what parts are "source" and what
> parts are "target" that are to be directly visible.  It's annoying to
> receive patches for HTML when that's not intended as an editable form.

> The "web team" doubtless needs to determine how they wish to manage
> the site, and the relationship between that and what is deployed.
> Hopefully these aren't too much more than a Makefile apart :-).

Umm, I think its pretty clean and easy as it is.
There is one repo which is the source. And thats it. Anything that goes
on the website is in there. And the site is build out of that when
pushed. Whoever sends patches for the html has either not ever looked
before doing that - or its so small noone cares and one of the webteam
just does the change in the source and be done with it.

bye, Joerg

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