Multi-winner Condorcet, vs STV

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at
Tue Dec 15 02:39:21 UTC 2009


Ian Jackson wrote (14 Dec 2009):

> Is there any software which implements this method already?
> I would be happy to write some. Is there a standard format
> for STV preference ballot input data?

Here is an implementation of the Schulze STV method:

The file "calcul01.pdf" explains how I implemented
proportional completion.

The file "calcul02.pdf" explains how I calculate
the strengths of the vote managements.

"prog01.c" and "prog01.exe" are implementations of
the Schulze STV method in Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.

The file "" also contains many instances.

Here, I applied the Schulze STV method to the
2007 elections at SPI:

Markus Schulze

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