Member communications II

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Fri Dec 19 17:36:29 UTC 2008

DRAFT RESOLUTION 2008-12-19.iwj.1


1. The Board and Secretary have found it difficult to provide the
   level of openness and consultation set out in 2007-01-16.iwj.1.


2. The Board reaffirms `Whereas' paragraphs 1-4 of 2007-01-16.iwj.1.

3. The Board reaffirms `Resolved that' paragraph 1 of 2007-01-16.iwj.1
   and mandates the Secretary to accordingly
    (i) prepare and mandate such a formal timetable starting with
        arrangements for the next Board Meeting and continuing for
        all subsequent Board Meetings; and to
    (ii) arrange that all the appropriate notifications are sent,
        the first notification for each meeting to include the
        detailed timetable.

4. If an agenda item is submitted or suggested for a Board meeting,
   no vote shall be taken on the item unless:
    (i) In the case of a Resolution to be agreed by the Board,
        a draft of the Resolution was posted to the spi-general
        mailing list at least 7 days in advance; or
    (ii) In the case of a Report to the Board, the full text
        of the Report was posted to the spi-general mailing list
        at least 48 hours in advance; or
    (iii) It is a procedural vote regarding the management
        of the meeting; or
    (iv) In the case of any other vote, the person chairing the
        meeting deems it appropriate.

5. The provisions of paragraph (4) may only be waived if:
    (i) The meeting has heard an explanation for the failure to
        meet the requirements of paragraph (4); and
    (ii) The meeting has heard an explanation for why the item
        cannot or should not be delayed so that the membership
        may be more fully consulted; and
    (iii) These explanations are recorded in the minutes; and
    (iv) The Board votes to accept the explanations and permit
        the item to be dealt with.

6. For `spi-general' in paragraph (4), a posting of the relevant
   draft or report to `spi-private' or `spi-board' may be taken
   to suffice, provided that
    (i) The meeting has heard an explanation of why the
        material needs that level of confidentiality; and
    (ii) This explanation is recorded in the minutes (perhaps,
        an appropriately confidential part of the minutes); and
    (iii) The Board votes to accept the explanation and permit
        the item to be dealt with.

7. The Secretary, and all persons chairing Board meetings
   are instructed to enforce the procedural rules (4)..(6).

8. If it seems to any Board member that discussion of an
   agenda item is leading towards a breach of the rules (4)..(6)
   or of 2007-01-16.iwj.5, the Board member should remind the meeting
   of these requirements.

9. Board members who consider that a vote is being taken
    (i) in breach of the spirit or principle of
        this resolution or of 2007-01-16.iwj.5; or
    (ii) in any other way prejudicial to the proper review
        and transparency of SPI decisionmaking;
   are expected to vote AGAINST any decision that is being made
   even if they are in agreement with the substantive decision.


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