Request: SPI to join FACIL in support of Quebec challenge

Jimmy Kaplowitz jimmy at
Fri Aug 29 16:20:17 UTC 2008

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 11:55:01AM -0400, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> There's also the political problem of a US foundation involving itself
> in the affairs of a Canadian province.  Not that we Canadians aren't
> used to US corporations involving themselves whenever it suits :)

Hehe, true. Although, SPI is really more of a global organization, despite
being incorporated in the US with US bank accounts and tax status. After all,
only half of the 9 board members are USians, and one of the remaining board
members is even Canadian. The membership (contributing and non-contributing) is
from all over the world, including Canada and elsewhere in addition to the US.
Still, I wouldn't want SPI to be involved in FACIL if it would seem politically
inappropriate and be counterproductive to FACIL's goals or SPI's credibility in
Canada or elsewhere. More information on this important detail would be

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
jimmy at

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