SPI's respect for debian resolutions, was: [GR] DD should be allowed to perform binary-only uploads

Josh Berkus josh at postgresql.org
Fri Feb 16 17:30:11 UTC 2007


>> However, such a resolution needs to address the issue of who should bring a 
>> request from Debian to the board if not the DPL. [...]
> http://www.spi-inc.org/corporate/resolutions/2002-07-02-iwj.5
> makes no similar specification AFAICT, but it could be useful.

And as you'll notice, current associated project applications require 
the project to have an official delegate.  The resolution quoted above 
does not scale; it could require the Board to monitor the government MLs 
of every associated project, all the time.  That's just not practical.

Regardless of the decision-making means, the Board needs an official 
statement or request from and AC to take any kind of action.  Otherwise 
you also risk having the Board interpret organizational internal 
politics for themselves, which I don't think anybody wants.

--Josh Berkus

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