Resolution 2007-02-15.jrk.1: Openness of Board Discussions

Josh Berkus josh at
Thu Feb 15 16:50:45 UTC 2007


(apologies for cross posting for anyone who is double-subscribed, but a lot of 
members are not)

First, I don't think we should vote on this in Feburary.  We've already passed 
the deadline for agenda items, and I can't see this in any way as "urgent".  
Also, you're violating our new procedures which require resolutions to be 
posted to spi-private, NOT spi-general.  For this reason, I've gone ahead and 
cross-posted it.

Second, I'm unclear on the roles of spi-general vs. spi-private here.   I'm 
particularly concerned that many contributing members have unsubscribed from 
spi-general because of prior spam issues.   Also, quite frankly, I'm unclear 
on why we even *have* an spi-general, given that the subscribers seem to be a 
subset of spi-private.  I think the purposes of the various lists from the 
organization's perspective needs to be clarified before passing any such 

Finally, I'm not going to vote for this resolution unless I first see that 
several to many contributing members think one is warranted.  I personally 
don't see a resolution as necessary; several members have made clear after 
the discussion that they expect greater transparency and the 
board has responded through improved rules on notifications for board 
business as well as plans to disclose the board@ discussion on that topic.   
At this point, MJ is grandstanding and I won't cater to it. 

Josh Berkus
Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

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