[Spi-private] Publically viewable resolutions and increasing the visibility of board activity

Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Thu Dec 28 17:53:30 UTC 2006

> I think this barrier contradicts the bylaws. They say the secretary
> shall "present to the membership at any meetings any communication
> addressed to the Secretary of the organization". Actually, why has the
> secretary not been reporting such communications at meetings?

Hmm.. good point. I guess the minutes could be considered such as beast
but that is after the fact.

> [...]
> > If the board will not consider a resolution, it may be put before the
> > membership for a vote. The proposer should submit the vote to the
> > secretary with N seconds. N is defined as:
> > N = sqrt(M) where M is the number of contributing members.
> This suggested amendment to the bylaws looks like another new barrier
> to member participation, designed to allow the board to ignore member
> requests completely, unless they're backed by 20 contributing members
> or 1 board member.

Yeah this is kind of awkward. I would agree that basically something
like 1 board member or 20 contributing members makes much more sense.

> Resolutions received by the Secretary more than 48 hours before a
> board meeting, or the issue of the meeting notice if later, will be
> put before the board for consideration.  Resolutions received later
> may not be reported until the following meeting.

Honestly, I think 48 hours is a bit short. Make it a week.

> Please indicate if you feel the resolution request should be resent to
> spi-general, spi-private or only board, or send a copy yourself.
> Resolutions which have not been discussed much in advance may be
> considered with a recommendation to vote at a future meeting.
> and please prioritise improving member communications above building
> new barriers to participation.

I don't think he is trying to build barriers, I think he is trying to
define policy, which is completely different. 


Joshua D. Drake


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