Committee Reports Due June 1

Martin Michlmayr tbm at
Mon May 23 22:38:06 UTC 2005

* John Goerzen <jgoerzen at> [2005-05-17 19:16]:
> I will collect these reports and include them in the annual report,
> which I am required to deliver by July 1.
> Things that would be good to include in your report include:
>  * Current membership of the committee
>  * Membership changes in the last year
>  * What your committee's purpose is
>  * Notable activities in the past year
>  * Plans for future

The Membership Committee:

Craig Small originally built the web site based on his scripts for
Debian's NM process.  Later, Martin Michlmayr and Peter Palfrader took
over; little modifications to the system itself were made but Peter
added support for handling votes.  In April 2005, they indicated their
interest to step down and in May Graham Wilson, Luk Claes and Michael
Schultheiss became the new Membership Committee.


NC Applicants Pending Email Approval      31
NC Members                               282
Contrib Membership Applications            8
Contrib Members                          313
Application Managers                       6 (this will go down when I
                                              remove weasel and myself.
                                              I don't know Craig
                                              Small's status)

Plans for the future:

Open Questions

In the past, Martin Michlmayr (head of the Membership Committee at
that time) became an advisor to the SPI board.  It is not clear
whether the new head should become an advisor too since this is not
the case with other groups within SPI.  This is something the SPI
Board has to decide.

TODO list

 - Move the PHP code from CVS to SVN

 - Check all the scripts into SVN as well, and re-structure the layout
   (i.e. move the *.php scripts in a sub-directory).

 - Create an archive for the Membership Committee alias.

 - membership at should probably just be an alias to
   members at so the SPI admin doesn't have to be
   bothered when changes are needed.

Martin Michlmayr

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