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For the last several years, Martin Michlmayr and Peter Palfrader have
served as the SPI membership committee. They've recently decided that
they are ready to move on to other projects. While the board is sad to
see them go, we are also looking for a new membership committee to
fill their position.

The job includes three major tasks:

 - Processing new applications for contributing membership. This means
   responding to a daily email notification whenever there are new
   members and going to a website to review and process
   applications. This usually means some degree of checking (e.g.,
   googling) to make sure that people have contributed to the free
   software community or are members of an SPI member project.

 - Running and providing web functionality for SPI votes. The code to
   do this runs at and uses PHP and PostgreSQL.

 - Providing a short report back to the SPI board one month before the
   organization's annual general meeting. In this case, that's only
   two weeks away so you should be willing to work with the old
   membership committee on this.

Volunteers should be familiar with PHP and SQL and have be willing to
take time regularly to process new members. It's not a huge amount of
work but it is regular and it's important that volunteers be able to
put in a small amount of time consistently.

If you can help out SPI in this way, please reply to
spi-board at and we'll work our a resolution to appoint
you at the next meeting!

It's also worth taking a moment to single out Peter and Martin for
their work over such a long period of time. They both will be missed!

Benjamin Mako Hill (Vice President)

Benjamin Mako Hill
mako at

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