Please moderate the SPI mailing lists

Ean Schuessler ean at
Fri Feb 11 16:17:09 UTC 2005

You shouldn't have to be a subscriber in order to make a suggestion to the 
list. Many people read these lists through GMANE or some other channel 
without a direct subscription.

It would be better to put DSPAM or CRM114 on the list to clean the spam out.

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 9:02 am, Robert Brockway wrote:
> I don't see a problem with rejecting non-subscribed addresses outright.
> This is a discussion list so I think it is fair to require those posting
> to be part of the discussion.  Mailman allows a person to subscribe
> multiple addresses while only receiving mail at one so those people with
> multiple addresses they may post from have options too.

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