Result for vote regarding new members for the board of directors

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Sun Feb 23 11:03:19 UTC 2003

>>>>> In article <20030223092531.GA14177 at>, Wichert Akkerman <wichert at> writes:

 > Previously Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> Debian already has this; rank the one person unacceptable to you
 >> below the default option, rank everyone else equally above the
 >> default option.

 > Yes, the default option it the trick Debian uses to accomplish
 > that.  However it can also cause an election result that is
 > undesired: the 'further discussion' outcome.

	Why is that undesired in Debian? Indeed, since you cannot
 force anyone in Debisan to stop discussing anything anyway, how is
 the reject this proposition any different whatsoever than further

 > It might be doable to change the handling of further discussion so
 > that you can rank it, but it is ignored in the final result since
 > it is not a real valid option.

	I posit that if you had a defeat this proposition option, it
 could be turned into a further discussion option by anyone
 with a MUA and a will to type.

 > Think of what would happen when you vote for a new government and
 > the result is 'further discussion'. The old government (which
 > possibly nobody wants) stays on and all progress is halted.

	But neither Debian nor SPI is a government, and,
 furthermore, I think that, say, if we can't select a new DPL (since
 a significant set of debian developers found all of them
 unacceptable, having the old DPL around would be nice, since he was
 selected by some folks a year ago.

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