Result for vote regarding new members for the board of directors

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Sun Feb 23 09:12:09 UTC 2003

>>>>> In article <20030222222429.GA74462 at>, John Goerzen <jgoerzen at> writes:

 > This omits a useful option.  For instance, what if I do not feel
 > that I know enough about a given candidate and wish to express no
 > opinion whatsoever about that candidate?

 > This may be what happened here (I don't know).  It can also happen
 > in Debian, but the draft excludes that possibility.  Even if a
 > voter is allowed to rank all "unknown" candidates the same, there
 > is still some preference expressed between the "known" candidates
 > and the unknown ones.

	Hmm. In Debian, I suppose you can have two sets of candidates,
  One set, all ranked equally, but above the default option (by
  giving all these candidates an equal rank), and another, of all
  unranked candidates (or a set of candidates all ranked equally but
  below the default option).

	So yes, you may express no preference amongst groups of
 candidates, but you do have to express an opinion about whether you
 find them acceptable options or not. 

	I do not find the inability to express no opinion whatsoever
 much of a loss, personally; if I care so little, I would probably
 mind them not being chosen anyway.

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