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Lukas Geyer lukas at
Sat Feb 22 21:12:45 UTC 2003

Branden Robinson / SPI Treasurer <branden+spi-treasurer at> writes:

> Wichert gave you a pointer to the software he used; if you'd do this
> analysis I think it would be instructive.  Considerably more ballots
> (than five) failed to rank all options, and I'm not sure what impact
> they had.  If you can find this out and let the Board know before we
> meet and act upon the results, it would be much appreciated.

OK, as I don't know a thing about python and this was an opportunity
to learn more about Condorcet, I wrote my own program which basically
only calculates the matrix of defeats. Fortunately there are no
ambiguities to resolve, so I did not have to implement that SSD
stuff. I calculated the matrix for the SPI method and for the other
canonical method where all ranked options are preferred over all
non-ranked options. The result changes slightly: The two winners G and
B (Bruce Perens and John Goerzen) do not change but there is a tie for
the third place with the other method, between E and H (Benjamin Mako
Hill and Craig Small). Note that this is not a cyclic ambiguity, as
the direct vote between them is tied (65 votes each) and both lose
only to G and B. I have no idea how such a tie would have been
resolved in reality, but probably the point is moot this time. (Unless
Craig wants to start fighting...) Here is the program I wrote, the
textfile of raw votes and the two results:

> I should re-iterate that under the SPI bylaws, this election does not in
> and of itself appoint new people to the SPI Board; only a vote of the
> Board itself can do this.  This election basically serves as a
> recommendation of the membership.  Of course, the bylaws can be changed
> to permit "direct election" of Board members by the organizational
> membership, and if you feel that that should be the case, I suggest you
> let the Bylaws Revision Committee know this:
>   spi-bylaws at

Yes, I would favor direct elections, therefore I Cc this message to
that list.

Best, Lukas

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