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So, uh, what's going on?

Apparently there was a resolution accepted in May to have monthly meetings
at 19:00 UTC on the first Tuesday of every month; but since then we've
only seen minutes for the meeting in July (which presumably served as
SPI's annual general meeting), and the aborted meetings in October and
November. Were there meetings in June, August or September, and if so,
when can the membership expect to be informed as to what, if anything,

Will SPI be issuing an annual report to its membership indicating its
activities, its level of solvency, what level of funds have been received
for various member projects, and so forth? A couple of items listed
in the By Laws (member-submitted resolutions, special board meetings
requested by the membership and review of resolutions by the membership)
require knowledge of how many members there are before they can be used,
and, as far as I can tell, this information simply isn't available. How
many contributing members do we have?

What, exactly, is the level of involvement available to contributing
members who aren't on the board? Are we invited to attend board
meetings? The annual meeting? Are we expected or even able to be involved
in deciding who will serve on our board of directors? Why is the annual
meeting only announced to board members, and special meetings announced
to all members?

Will the next board meeting be held at 2002-12-03 19:00 UTC? Where
will it be held? Are all the remaining board members able to commit
to attending this meeting? Will it address Joey's resignation and the
nominations that have been received? Will it be a special meeting,
or are contributing members invited to attend?


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