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Darren Benham gecko at
Tue Mar 30 23:25:44 UTC 1999

On Wed, Mar 31, 1999 at 01:25:52AM +0200, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > - they should take care of most of the day to day operation of SPI
> >   [this takes the workload off the BOD]
> Basically they're delegates of the BOD, right?
No, they *could* be delegates of the membership.

> > - the BOD should be able to issue charters (i.e. create committees)
> >   [I'm thinking that if the consensus is that a new committee is needed, 
> > the BOD can issue a charter.  The membership should definitely have some 
> > input here though. how? By helping write the charter.]
> Help writing the chapter and of course being able to revoke the creation
> of a new committee via a vote.
In fact, any decision of the BOD or any committee should be overridable by
a vote of the membership.. but the process should be made troublesome
enough that every person with a hair on their pimple can't contest

> > ----------
> > - how are leaders appointed?  I'd say by the BOD, possibly the membership.
> Have people from the membership volunteer and let the BOD make the final
> choice I think.
> > - how are members appointed?  BOD?  Leader?  Membership?
> Another quite common option is to select a leader and let him choose the
> rest of the committee if you're forming a new committee. If a current
> leader is replace a new leader is chosen by the BOD and the current
> committee, with advise from the leaving leader.
Another possibility is to let the people volunteer for the committee and
let the committee choose the head....
> > - what do we do if a committee is no longer necessary?  disband it.  How? 
> > BOD vote?
> I think a committee should have to disband itself.
No, it should be able to be disbanded by the BOD, also.  They're the ones
who created it... even if it was at the direction of the membership.  

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