[part 2] Article 3: Membership

Will Lowe harpo at UDel.Edu
Thu Mar 25 22:22:47 UTC 1999

> >I'd have it expire in 2 years also... basicly a ping to take them off the
> >email lists if they don't respond...
> Then you have to define what happens when a contributing memebr slips into 
> non contrib.  I think this way is easy, and really see no need to remove 
> inactive supporting members.  Otherwise I'd me for a longer term (4-5 
> years possibly).

Perhaps it's time to address the issue of whether we'll have the
(hu)manpower needed to manually reinstate a member every year. I know that
some of this could be automated, but the automation will inevitably
require a responsible, quick-to-reply set of maintainers, in much the same
way as the debian new-maintainer list does.


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