[draft 3] Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

Nils Lohner lohner at typhoon.icd.teradyne.com
Mon Mar 15 20:44:56 UTC 1999

- Equipment can be donated for a specific purpose.  SPI will make every 
attempt to use it for the specified purpose, but may at its discretion 
(and the discretion of the project that it was earmarked for, if 
applicable) change its use if this is deemed necessary and does not
violate any of the restrictions imposed by the donor.

read the 'but may at its discretion' part... perhaps we should remove the 
'...and does not violate any of the restrictions imposed by the donor." 

Regards, Nils.

In message <Pine.LNX.4.03.9903151231510.2511-100000 at cyrix200.lameter.com>, 
stoph Lameter writes:
>That requirement already has caused trouble. Often equipment from one
>project will be used for others as well. How will you track those
>limitations on equipment?
>On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> Previously Christoph Lameter wrote:
>> > It might be wise to consider requiring people to not require a 
purpose for
>> > donations to SPI but allow general use. 
>> I want people to be able to say that a donation may only be used for
>> Debian, so I really want to keep this in.
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