[md: postfix license and opensource trade mark]

Marco d'Itri md at linux.it
Sun Mar 14 19:39:06 UTC 1999

On Mar 14, "J.H.M. Dassen" <jdassen at wi.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:

[Please always Cc replies, I'm not subscribed to this list.]

 >> AFAIK IBM is marketing postfix (AKA "IBM Secure Mailer") as open source,
 >> even if there is a conflicting clause in the license.

 >I haven't followed the discussion of the PostFix license in detail, but I
 >think we should have clear answers to the following questions should be
 >answered before we contact IBM officially:
 >- The conflicting clause is the revocation in case of patent issues one,
 >  right?

 >- Does the clause actually violate the OSD, or is it an oversight in the
 >  OSD/DFSG? If it is the latter, is it fixed in the current DFSG revision
 >  proposal drafts?
I remember this has been discussed on debian-legal but I did not follow
the thread and I'm not able to comment.

 >- Is the issue with PostFix only, or is it with Jikes too?
IIRC the license is the same or very similar, but I could be wrong.


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