Proposed resolution 1998-12-13.mgs.1: Donations to SPI

Martin Schulze joey at finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE
Thu Mar 11 21:59:44 UTC 1999

I see that new discussion came up covering what I tried to start
back in december.  In order to put some oil in the chains here
is what I proposed last year.



Martin Schulze wrote on Sun, Dec 13, 1998:
> This is a proposed resolution.  I'd like to receive comments on it
> first.
> Resolution 1998-12-13.mgs.1: Donations to SPI
> Resolution wrt. donations and dedications
> One goal of Software in the Public Interest, Inc. (abbrev: SPI) is to
> support free projects and to provide services to them at no cost.
> These services basically include IP-based services such as webspace,
> FTP space, mailing lists, nameserver maintenance, access to
> development machines of various architectures, network accessable cvs
> repositories etc.
> In order to provide these services projects SPI needs to receive
> donations from organizations that want to help the free software
> community but don't wish to go into details with affiliated projects.
> SPI highly appreciates such donations, dedicated machines and
> bandwidth and will be pleased to organize them, advertize them as well
> as the donator and make them useful for free projects..  Since network
> bandwidth is an expensive asset it is even more welcome.
> In contrary to a donation ownership of a dedicated item remains at the
> original owner.  Nonetheless the owner may not retract the dedication
> at any time without negotiation with SPI.  This resolution covers the
> proper framework.
>  1. Software in the Public Interest appreciates any donation
>     (bandwidth, hardware, service, manpower, money etc.) and
>     dedication (hardware, bandwidth, manpower etc.).
>  2. Any donation or dedication provided to SPI will be given
>     appropriate credit.  It will be recorded on a proper page within
>     the webspace of SPI (  The record will
>     contain a link to the donator.  If requested it will also contain
>     a detailed list of donations and dedications made by this
>     organization or individual.  If the donator wishes to remain
>     unknown it will not be recorded publically.
>  3. SPI is allowed to use the donated or dedicated hardware, bandwidth
>     or manpower for issues SPI considers valuable with regard to the
>     bylaws of SPI.  This covers free projects and services provided to
>     them.
>  4. With regard to donated bandwidth, which is a valuable asset, SPI
>     will carry some of its own machines to this location in order to
>     provide services if not requested otherwise.
>     If SPI was given an upper bound of bandwidth to use SPI will try
>     its best to stay beneath this limit.  It will move services away
>     or restrict them if needed.  At no time shall SPI hurt the
>     donating organization by excessive use of the contribution which
>     is also used by the donating organization (i.e. bandwidth,
>     partially used machines, dedicated manpower etc.).
>     In order to manage the donation SPI requires the donating
>     organization to name a real person as administrational contact and
>     a real person as official technical contact.  SPI requires to
>     receive the real name, email address and phone number (work phone
>     is sufficient though).
>     In case of donated bandwidth SPI also requires to be given a
>     contact phone number at the donating organization in order to
>     resolve urgent issues (e.g. somebody to press the reset button
>     after a crash if no admin is around).
>     A representative of the donor may be subscribed to the
>     administration mailing list if requested by the donor or
>     admin/tech contact.  This will provide additional information
>     about administrational tasks to the network of machines, projects,
>     services and locations.
>  5. In case of dedicated hardware the administration team of SPI will
>     take over maintenance as long as it can be done remotely.  Some
>     special tasks (such as recovering after a crash, applying new
>     hardware etc.) still needs a local person though.
>     If dedicated hardware is not bound to a certain location SPI will
>     ship it to a place where it will be most helpful for the community
>     on the expense of SPI if requested.
>     If dedicated hardware is bound to a certain location SPI will
>     thankfully use and maintain it in order to provide services
>     through it.
>  6. Since SPI and affiliated projects will (at least partially) depend
>     on donations and dedication it is not acceptable that this
>     donation or dedication may be terminated at any time.  This could
>     cause major problems for associated projects.
>     Thus terminating such a donation or dedication entirely needs a
>     piece of notice of at least four weeks.  SPI requests to be shown
>     a reason for termination.  SPI will move services to other
>     machines and locations and ask ship their own machines to a
>     different location.
>     The same period of notice is required if the upper bound of
>     donated bandwidth is subject to change to less than half of the
>     current limit.  SPI needs to be able to react and reorder projects
>     and resources.
>     This does not affect decreasing the upper limit of bandwidth if
>     more than 50% are left over.
> Regards,
> 	Joey
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