Public apology to Dale Scheetz

Richard G. Roberto robertor at
Sun Jan 31 13:50:18 UTC 1999


A short while ago I sent a response to the "consultation" announcement.  I would like to apologize to Dale Scheetz 

for the implications I made in that mail, and ask his forgiveness for I was simply wrong.  Dale is of outstanding 

character and I never should have questioned that.  If you've not read that message, don't bother.  It added no value 

to the discussion anyway.  Having mistaken him for one of the bad guys, he has been kind and gracious in 

explaining how I was mistaken and I thank him for it.  I don't mean to waste bandwitdth with this stuff, but it was 

important to me to send this.  Thanks.

Best regards,

Richard G. Roberto

robertor at

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