Alternate meeting wording bylwas

Darren Benham gecko at
Fri Aug 20 17:50:49 UTC 1999

Someone mentioned that the meeting section of the bylaws need to be looked at
so I looked and here's what I came up with.  The whole section was talking
about meetings of the whole body of members but that seems unproductive.  All
the business done by SPI (legally) will be done by the Board and it's 
committees.  Anything a general body of the membership decides would be 
non-binding.  The only reasons they would have for meeting are:

1) To vote the Board members, and that's better done by Email.. due to the
   requirement for secret ballots.
2) To keep up to date with all that's going on.. and spi-general is will
   be the prefered method for that.
3) To be able to question the Board/committees about various issues.. and that
   can be done at board meetings or email.

So... based on the way the rest of the bylaws are structured and business
to be conducted, I'd recommend replacing the membership section with this:

My comments and what I changed will follow.. I will reply to this message.
The annual board meeting of this organization shall be electronically 
held on the first day of July, each and every year except if such day be a
legal holiday then and in that event the Board of Directors shall fix the
day but it shall not be more than two weeks from the date fixed by these
by-laws. The Secretary shall cause to be mailed (electronically or otherwise)
to every board member in good standing at his or her address as it appears in 
the membership roll book of this organization a notice telling the time and 
place of such annual meeting. 

Regular meetings of the board of this organization shall be held quarterly.

The presence of not less than two-thirds of the board members shall constitute 
a quorum and shall be necessary to conduct the business of this organization; 
but a lesser number may adjourn the meeting for a period of not more than two 
weeks from the date scheduled by these by-laws and the Secretary shall cause 
a notice of this scheduled meeting to be sent to all those members who were 
not present at the meeting originally called. A quorum as hereinbefore set 
forth shall be required at any adjourned meeting. 

Special meetings of this organization may be called by the President when he 
deems it for the best interest Special meetings of the board of this 
organization may be called by the President when he deems it for the best 
interest of the organization or by two members of the board.  Notices of such 
meeting shall be mailed to all members at their addresses as they appear in 
the membership roll book at least two weeks but not more than 30 days before 
the scheduled date set for such special meeting.  Such notice shall state the 
reasons that such meeting has been called, the business to be transacted at 
such meeting and by whom it was called. 

At the request of one-third members of the organization the President shall 
cause a special meeting to be called but such request must be made in writing 
at least thirty (30) days before the requested scheduled date.  No other 
business but that specified in the notice may be transacted at such special 
meeting without the unanimous consent of all present at such meeting. 

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